About Us

About Us

  • We Believe

    We believe in Jesus. We believe that the way He lived and the message He taught are incredible and have the power to transform our lives. We believe that His death on the cross was for us--and for you.

    And we believe that He calls all of us to respond to His message.

  • We Learn

    We believe that when we seek Jesus Christ with passion and fervor, He will always be found. Whenever His followers found out who He was and what He had accomplished, they immediately devoted themselves to His teaching (Acts 2:42) to continue a journey of growth and life in His Kingdom.

  • We Worship

    Worship is a very churchy kind of word, but all it means is that we react to something that we view as greater than ourselves. We believe that God is greater than anything else, and we express this through diving into His word, prayer, communion, giving, fellowship and song.

  • We Grow

    Growth at Stonebrook will result from people hearing and being changed by the gospel.

    It's that powerful.

    We aren't heavy with programs and methods because we define the church by the people.

    We are the church as we deepen our commitment and connection to Christ.